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Tropical Beauties

Imagine a lush paradise and relaxing retreat, with exotic flowers in your own backyard garden or creating scenic beauty with your landscaping. Hazeltine Nurseries can help you capture and create the look and feel with these plants at our Garden Center.

  • A great example of vibrant colors for your garden is the Croton, a simple, flawless plant with color patterns ranging from multi-colored spots to irregular color patches or solid-colored leaves, with contrasting, irregular color patches. Virtually, any color combination is possible. Crotons enhance any landscape sensation.

  • You can then blend in as a focal point in your garden or landscape with the very popular Bird of Paradise. Their spectacular flowers are breathtaking, and their appearance suggests a bird in flight with distinctive colors of blue and orange.

  • Having a in your tropical setting will bring the island look with a rainbow of colors, including purple, blue, orange and red. Their species are from the rainforest of the Amazon growing on tree trunks, rocks, other plants and on the ground. The popularity of this plant has established a significant fan base in Florida.

  • The tropical Australian Tree Fern is a single-trunked giant fern that is delightful to use in the shade of your garden and near a pool or pond for a picturesque reflection. Another valuable fern is the Staghorn because of its unusual growth habits.

  • Black Magic (elephant ear) is noted for its large, heart-shaped leaves that add undeniable drama to the landscaping. The leaves are a striking purple-black foliage; they are quite beautiful near a water feature.

  • You can add the colorful Ti Plant to complement your tropical look; the leaves are smooth and range in colors from greens and pinks to very dark reds. The Ti Plant also makes a great conversational piece, as its leaves are used in traditional Hawaiian hulu skirts.

Flower & Plant Gallery

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Butterfly Gardens Bring Nature

butterflyCome visit our on-site Butterfly Garden; you will glean creative inspiration for your own garden!

Getting in touch with nature, by bringing a variety of plants, will bring an assortment of butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden or yard. Experience a wide variety of plants, such as Firebush, Red Pentas, Beach Sunflowers, Beautyberry, Jatropha, Tropical Sage, Coral Honeysuckle, Passion Flower Vine, Coontie, Elm trees for shade, Lantana, Blue Plumbago and Milk Weed, along with many native and drought-tolerant Florida plants and flowering shrubs.