Grasses & Ground Covers

Ground Covers

Ground covers are silent, distinguishable plants often going unnoticed, yet they hold the design of gardening and landscape, setting the theme. Hazeltine Nurseries’ Garden Center has splendid choices of plants for your natural foundation. Here is our list of what is readily available that will complement your surrounding plants.

  • The Lantana plant flowers have the most rich array of colors available. The clusters of flowers are on a long stalk, each with an individual flower that is small and tubular. You will appreciate the contrast these plants provide for your landscape.

  • Planting a bed of Blue Daze surrounding the trees serves well in counter-balancing silvery green leaves and a sky blue flower. Along with the attributes of these lovely flowers, you will have almost no maintenance.

  • The Coral Creeper is magnificent foliage, and the abundance of the brilliant flowers will attract many types of butterflies. This rampant grower is wonderful in roomy spaces and perfect for urban plantings.

  • Another exciting plant is the Oysterplant, for it has the ability to grow just about anywhere without soil, in sand or coral rock. The leaves are dark teal with a slight shade of forest green on top and vivid violet underneath with small, white three-petal flowers.

  • The Dune Sunflower is an annual ground cover with yellow sunflowers all year. This is an excellent nectar plant with self-seeding abilities.

  • Sea Purslane is a solitary flower in a star-shaped, tiny form that blooms year around. This plant grows fabulously in sandy locations like mangroves, dunes and beaches. The plants that have great possibilities in accenting ground cover in seaside areas are the Parson’s Juniper, with their soft-textured feathery branches. Another brilliant yellow floral is the action grabber, Perennial Peanut plant.

Grass & Ground Cover Gallery

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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses bring harmony to your landscape, garden, xeriscape, craft, decorative uses (indoor or out), rock, wildlife or Japanese garden. They provide movement and sound to your garden experience. These are unique components you will not find with any other plants.

The important part of grasses is their history that reflects back to the Victorian Gardens in England. Hazeltine Garden Center has a wide variety of essential grasses for your perusal.

  • Red Fountain Grass is known for its reddish foliage. The Evergreen Giant is a rich, green ground cover, which provides beautiful lilac purple blooms.

  • Our Florida native grass is Muhly Grass; it is easy to grow, drought-tolerant, with pink blooms above the foliage, making a beautiful fall display.

  • The attributes of the Mondo Grass are useful as a ground cover, where its creeping underground stems quickly, to provide an impressive green carpet.

  • Lemongrass is equally versatile in the garden for beds and borders. It is especially nice along walkways, where plants release fragrance when brushed against. It is also versatile in the kitchen for uses in teas, beverages, soups and Thai dishes. The advantages of grasses are they can grow in poorer soils, better than many other garden plants. They require the least effort to maintain, are great for erosion control and ideal as vertical design elements. Additionally, the most interesting and desirable of the ornamental grass is the “No known pests”.