Grasses & Ground Covers

Ground Covers

Ground covers are silent, distinguishable plants often going unnoticed, yet they hold the design of gardening and landscape, setting the theme. Hazeltine Nurseries’ Garden Center has splendid choices of plants for your natural foundation. Here is our list of what is readily available that will complement your surrounding plants.

  • The Lantana plant flowers have the most rich array of colors available. The clusters of flowers are on a long stalk, each with an individual flower that is small and tubular. You will appreciate the contrast these plants provide for your landscape.

Grass & Ground Cover Gallery

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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses bring harmony to your landscape, garden, xeriscape, craft, decorative uses (indoor or out), rock, wildlife or Japanese garden. They provide movement and sound to your garden experience. These are unique components you will not find with any other plants.

The important part of grasses is their history that reflects back to the Victorian Gardens in England. Hazeltine Garden Center has a wide variety of essential grasses for your perusal.

  • Red Fountain Grass is known for its reddish foliage. The Evergreen Giant is a rich, green ground cover, which provides beautiful lilac purple blooms.