Construction Services

Over 40 Years of Experience

Construction Services

Over 40 Years of Experience

Hazeltine Design

Landscape Construction

For over 40 years Hazeltine Nurseries has changed the face of outdoor living. Hazeltines’ construction approach is the synchronization of landscape elements that miraculously transition a home or building outward from the exterior walls.

Our construction process assimilates the experts and professionals of our company and builds your project in a dedicated and timely fashion. Plant material is selected for quality and specifically for your design. Your irrigation system is constructed to optimize water usage and plant material needs. While hardscape features are beautifully imbedded into the environment creating distinction for your home or business.

We pride ourselves in construction planning assuring you that our control will result in a timely well-managed project. When complete, Hazeltine Nurseries’ warranty stands behind our work, our materials and your satisfaction.

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Hardscape Construction

HNI hardscape installations bring a sense of order to the landscape and enhance the natural surroundings of the existing buildings.

The engineering and construction of fountains, waterfalls and ponds are hardscape features that transcend Hazeltine Nurseries integrated landscapes. Limitless imagination is backed by flow calculations and impeccable construction detail that materialize the natural beauty of water.

Construction for these features begins at ground zero and are customized to your specifications. Our feature materials are meticulously selected and pieced together bringing the charm you expect. All plumbing and materials are engineered and customized to concur with the flow dynamics that bring life to your fountain, waterfall or pond. When completed you will be able to enjoy the tranquility water features provide.

Hazeltine Nurseries has long been noted for its reliability in hardscape construction. We utilize the best materials from the ground up and take the necessary steps to fortify solid construction. Our finished products of entrances, walkways, patios and driveways are distinguishing features in any neighborhood.

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