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The primary goal behind Hazeltine Nurseries’ vision is for our customers to enjoy an outdoor living experience. In order to achieve this goal, Hazeltine Nurseries has developed a design and construction process that caters to integrating all the critical outdoor living features.

For over twenty-five years, Hazeltine Nurseries has changed the face of outdoor living design and construction. What once were driveway, lawn, irrigation, plants, trees and a pool has given way to a synchronization of landscape elements that miraculously transition a home or building outward from the exterior walls.

Our construction process assimilates the experts and professionals of our company and builds your project in a dedicated and timely fashion. Plant material is selected for quality and specifically for your design. Your irrigation system is designed and constructed to optimize water usage and plant material needs, while hardscape features are beautifully imbedded into the environment creating distinction for your home or business.

We pride ourselves in construction planning, assuring you that our control will result in a timely, well-managed project. When complete, Hazeltine Nurseries’ warranty stands behind our work, our materials and your satisfaction.


Construction Services

Hazeltine Nurseries takes extreme pride in our landscape installations. We take every opportunity to install the landscape, so it will flourish timelessly using only the highest quality materials and plants.

Our plantings are grown and cultivated on our 90-acre nursery, allowing us to supply the most suitable plants for each job. Horticulture and agronomy experts, on staff, assure that all our plant life is healthy, disease-free and ready to beautify your outdoor living.

Our highly training technicians use the correct and precise methods of installing plant materials, walls, water features, patios, walkways and gardens. All work is backed by our full, one-year warranty against defective materials and unhealthy plants.

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