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Hazeltine Design

Design Services

Hazeltine Design

Hazeltine Design

a naturally grown company

HNI has provided professional design services for over 40 years on commercial, residential and municipal projects in Southwest Florida and beyond.

Our Team is comprised of:

  • Registered Landscape Architects
  • Graduate of Landscape Architecture
  • State Certified Landscape Contractors
  • Landscape Designers
  • Estimator
  • CAD Technicians
  • Administrative Assistants

Having a Team based approach to design allows us to provide unsurpassed creativity while meeting our clients deadlines and exceeding their expectations.

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Design Services

Hazeltine Nurseries

Whether designing for an individual private residence or large-scale developments, Hazeltine Nurseries has the expertise and technology to identify and fulfill the wishes of every client. 

For over 40 years, Residential Outdoor Living Design has been the trademark of HNI. Owners Stephen and Michelle Hazeltine have instilled in their Design Group the ability to transition a residential landscape to the homeowner’s unique outdoor living arrangement. 

Unsurpassed in the world of landscape design, Hazeltine Nurseries’ innovative approach gives you, the client, an affordable opportunity to materialize your vision while increasing the asset value of your property. Our Design Group will provide you with an individual life changing transition that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our Sr. Design team is comprised of individuals that have vast experience in commercial design. Our team is diversified with staff that can meet critical core requirements while enhancing today’s demand for the natural appeal of commercial projects. 

Our knowledge of key issues that concern decision makers allows us to integrate those solutions and still present your vision to board members at all levels.

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