Nursery Operations

Hazeltine Nurseries is located on 90 acres on River Road in Venice, Florida, giving us the ability to grow our own plant materials for all aspects of outdoor living. Whether specified for customer plans, wholesale sales, retail sales or additions to the farmland inventories, only the finest quality plants and trees pass the strict tests of our growers and buyers.

Combined with major buying and distribution capabilities, Hazeltine Nurseries grows, installs, sells and distributes millions of dollars, annually, of the finest Florida Fancy plant material in the country. Our satisfied customers, extraordinary pricing and distribution capabilities has allowed Hazeltine Nurseries to position itself as the major installer and seller of premium Florida plant material in the United States.

Wholesale & Commercial Account Sales

Wholesale and Commercial Account Sales

After years of support to its biggest clients, Hazeltine Nurseries’ Design Services, Construction Services, and the Nursery Operations group has replicated its innovative and economical support functions to other green industry wholesale distributors and landscape installers.

Our ability to service you as a client with plants, products, pricing, distribution and labor is unique in the green industry. We are well-equipped in the aspects of our industry to support your most critical projects.

The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries

Located on River Road in Venice, Florida, “The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries” is a destination that will inspire your imagination. From garden enthusiasts to landscape designers, a journey to The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries will transition your outdoor living desires to reality. The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries will provide you with an experience unlike any in Florida. Our farm is open to the public, and we have over 90 acres of premium plant material ranging from many varieties of the most common plants to gorgeous specimens of plants, palms and trees.

We have huge selections of flowering plants, ground cover, hedges, vines, bamboo, hardwood trees and fruit trees. Our selection of Ligustrums, unique palms and specimen palms are second to none. All of our material is grown to survive the cold, hardy areas of the Southern United States. We pride ourselves on providing only Florida #1 and better, including Florida Fancy plants, which are branched, leafed and fertilized properly; this is top of the line as far as quality standard by Florida Grades and Standards.

In addition to our great supply of plants is our knowledgeable and gracious staff. With years of experienced service at your fingertips and our distinctive display arrangement, our destination caters to all wishes. Whether looking for plants, ideas, finding that special item for the perfect fit, or just dropping by to experience a horticultural paradise, a visit to The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries needs to be on your journey agenda.

If you have any questions about The Garden Center at Hazeltine Nurseries, please call 941.485.1272 or e-mail

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