Vines & Shrubs

Define Your Landscape with Shrubs

Landscape Shrubs have been around, enhancing surrounding settings of land, since the time of the Renaissance Era. Some examples of the most picturesque are the 19th Century Linderhof Castle of Louis XIV in Germany and the 18th Century Gardens of Versailles in France. How about the awesome 20th Century Magical Garden of Disney, with its manicured shrubs of animals?   Even the Harry Potter film had a labyrinth of garden shrubs.

Shrubs & Flowering Shrubs

Hazeltine has a legendary selection of various flowering shrubs that have sensational blossoms and fragrance that you can take pleasure in, indoors or outside. The choices are endless with arranging your flowering shrubs in a seasonal environment for blossoms or mixing and matching an array of colors for a picture-perfect garden. For added enjoyment, you can cut the flowering stems to make a beautiful bouquet for your home to enhance your indoor décor with fresh flowers, fragrance and color.

  • Planting shrubs, like the stunning Bougainvillea, are famous for their bright spectrum of colors, ranging from crimson, brick red, scarlet, magenta, purple, salmon, orange, pink and white. This shrub is also known for its quick growth rate.

  • Another beautiful flowering shrub is the beautiful, creamy, white Gardenia. This perfumed flower is very intoxicating and grows abundantly during October and March. This shrub is slow-growing but extremely easy to grow. The great bloom of this plant usually arrives around Mother’s Day.

  • You need to check out our exciting Flower of Love, the Agapanthus. It blossoms blue, white or violet blue round-bell shaped clusters; it is also known as the Lily of the Nile, African Blue Lily or African Lily. This particular blossom will help you attain the exotic landscape you are searching for.

  • Looking to attract a source of several species of butterflies and birds throughout your neighborhood? The Firecracker plant, with its great nectar, will provide you with this picturesque tropical garden. Also, the Dwarf Firebush and native varieties have nectar that will capture the attention of butterflies, and its seedy fruits are a favorite with the brilliant red Cardinal bird.

  • We must not forget the lovely Hibiscus, Plumbago or Sky Flowering shrubs. The Hibiscus have single or double flowers that come in shades of pink, peach, orange, yellow, white or a combination of these colors. The flowers continuously bloom and are butterfly friendly.

  • The Plumbago flowers have various shades of blue and are desirable to the butterflies, as well. Gardeners use Plumbago shrubs in borders or mass foundations; they are most preferred in flowering shrubs in Central and South Florida.

  • The Walter Viburnum shrub (or small tree in the opinion of nursery growers) is the very best for the area of South Florida. The small to medium evergreen leaves, with a glossy dark green texture, emit a subtle fragrance when crushed. White flowers will bloom for a short season, and the shrub is considered a superior hedge for residential planting and in parking lots. The relative, Sweet Viburnum, is a long-time landscape favorite, often used as a clipped-hedge screen, with a dense and rounded canopy. The cluster of flowers is extremely fragrant, and it bears moderately showy berries.

    Another cousin is the Viburnum Sandankwa, a splendid shrub, which has beautiful white with pinkish tinted clusters; they bear small berries in autumn that have a pleasing appearance all year around. It is trouble-free and grows rapidly. The Viburnum family is great for attracting butterflies.

  • The Peace Lily, the Crinum Lily and the Blue Flax Lily are a great accent in any garden or architectural landscaping; each shrub has its own, very distinctive look. The Peace Lily is a lovely plant used attractively with taller shrubs around a pool or inside malls. The Crinum Lily has wonderful great clusters of spidery flowers, and their fragrance is irresistible. Finally, the Blue Flax Lily is a very striking, grass-like plant, with light star-shaped flowers.

  • Our Dwarf Schefflera is an evergreen shrub that is green and variegated; it performs great in outdoor settings, such a patios and poolside areas.

  • The Silver Buttonwood is an asymmetrical shrub with smooth foliage that also blends nicely in a patio design or as a street tree.

  • The native plant, Wild Coffee, is a favorite plant for birds and wildlife because of the fruit it produces. The shrub is a wonderful foundation plant in mass planting, and its foliage gives a rich texture to any landscape.

  • Wax Myrtle is a native shrub that has many admirable attributes. It is vigorous, easy to grow under most environmental conditions, and its flowers appear in late winter.


Shrub & Vine Gallery

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Vines are a wonderful group of plants; they can yield flowers every month of the year. Trees, posts and poles that go unnoticed can be dressed up with a variety of vines. They can provide privacy while also enhancing outdoor or retreat living areas and structures such as arbors, trellises, fences or walls. They appeal to birds for nesting, and their sumptuous nectars attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Pink Allamanda or Mandevilla Vine is a striking evergreen vine endowed with beautiful, deep pink funnel-appearance blooms. Flowers appear in abundance during the summer and some appear all year. The Mandevilla is the perfect choice for colorful growing screens, dripping from an arbor or garland at your front porch or entryway. This is also a favorite for lamps and mailbox posts.

  • Looking for a pest-free, easy to maintain, drought-resistant, heavenly fragrant vine? The Confederate Jasmine is probably one of our Garden Center’s favorite flowering vine. It is highly recommended to new gardeners for its lovely floral display. In the evening, you can view thousands of tiny white, star-like blossoms, glowing in the full moonlight. Truly awesome!

  • Passion Vine is an evergreen flowering vine that climbs with tendrils in scarlet, purples and deep orange color. The vine can be supported on trellises, arbors and fences; it is often grown for their attraction to butterflies.

  • Sweet Potato Vine is inexpensive and easily adds sophisticated color and form to shaded gardens. Either the tri-color purples or lime-green varieties will create a beautiful blend with other surrounding plant life.

  • The Sky Vine, with its unique and interesting bell-shaped lavender blue or white flowers, has a very rampant growth habit and is great for the quick-covering of arbors, trellises and fences. It can be successfully used as either a screen or container plant and is marvelous cascading over a wall.

  • The Bower Vine is also awesome for structures with their fierce white, pink-throated flowers which bloom in summer, fall and winter.

  • Monstera Vine is a tropical broadleaf plant grown more for its ornamental value in landscape, showcased under the canopy of trees.

  • Golden Pothos have dark green leaves and are freely, but irregularly, variegated with yellow and creamy white streaks, stripes and splashes. The vines grow quickly up the trunks of pine, palm, and oak that lend a tropical effect to your garden or landscape.

  • Another fast-growing vine is the yellow flowered Carolina Jasmine; they are excellent to use for tree trunks, trellises and covering arbors. This plant is exciting for low-maintenance landscapes; it is fragrant and blooms when it is cool out.

  • The Bleeding Heart Vine is a small vine with superb red flowers surrounded by white calyces, appearing similar to Chinese paper lanterns. This vine is effective in your garden in partially shade areas.