Vines & Shrubs

Define Your Landscape with Shrubs

Landscape Shrubs have been around, enhancing surrounding settings of land, since the time of the Renaissance Era. Some examples of the most picturesque are the 19th Century Linderhof Castle of Louis XIV in Germany and the 18th Century Gardens of Versailles in France. How about the awesome 20th Century Magical Garden of Disney, with its manicured shrubs of animals?   Even the Harry Potter film had a labyrinth of garden shrubs.

Shrubs & Flowering Shrubs

Hazeltine has a legendary selection of various flowering shrubs that have sensational blossoms and fragrance that you can take pleasure in, indoors or outside. The choices are endless with arranging your flowering shrubs in a seasonal environment for blossoms or mixing and matching an array of colors for a picture-perfect garden. For added enjoyment, you can cut the flowering stems to make a beautiful bouquet for your home to enhance your indoor décor with fresh flowers, fragrance and color.

  • Planting shrubs, like the stunning Bougainvillea, are famous for their bright spectrum of colors, ranging from crimson, brick red, scarlet, magenta, purple, salmon, orange, pink and white. This shrub is also known for its quick growth rate.

Shrub & Vine Gallery

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Vines are a wonderful group of plants; they can yield flowers every month of the year. Trees, posts and poles that go unnoticed can be dressed up with a variety of vines. They can provide privacy while also enhancing outdoor or retreat living areas and structures such as arbors, trellises, fences or walls. They appeal to birds for nesting, and their sumptuous nectars attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Pink Allamanda or Mandevilla Vine is a striking evergreen vine endowed with beautiful, deep pink funnel-appearance blooms. Flowers appear in abundance during the summer and some appear all year. The Mandevilla is the perfect choice for colorful growing screens, dripping from an arbor or garland at your front porch or entryway. This is also a favorite for lamps and mailbox posts.